Roadmap to EPC Step by Step

Assess Suitability of Your Building

  • Selection of buildings
  • Initial assessment of project suitability for EPC
  • Initial feasibility benchmarking and energy audit
  • Preliminary assessment of energy savings potential and estimate investment required
  • Initial technical analyses

Select ESCO through Public Procurement

  • Publication of EPC tender
  • Pre-qualification of ESCOs
  • Analysis of applications and selection of tenderers  
  • Initial meetings and preliminary walk-through audit
  • Review of cost data and estimation of savings potential (ESCO´s assessment of potential based on technical information of building)
  • Negotiation with ESCOs, revision of offer and presentation to municipal council
  • Final tender evaluation
  • Selection of winning ESCO

Sign the Contract with ESCO

  • Agreement on guaranteed savings, financing scheme and duration of contract  

STEP 4: Project Implementation

  • Implementation of agreed energy conservation measures / installation of customizable solutions that fit the needs of a select facility
  • Testing equipment functionality
  • Training operators for the installed equipment

Monitoring and assessment of energy savings

  • Conduct a low-cost, high-profit survey
  • Long-term monitoring to verify project savings

For a more detailed description of the ECP procedures, please click here.

Throughout the project, the KEA provides comprehensive advice and consulting services on:

  • Feasibility studies (analysis of municipality´s building portfolio; identification of facilities with sufficient saving potentials and energy-saving measures), assessment of project suitability for EPC, potential energy savings and investment required, technical analyses
  • Preparation of public tendering and procurement process
  • Presentation to municipal decision makers and city council
  • Overseeing negotiations between bidding ESCOs and municipal representatives
  • Drawing up contracts
  • Technical support before and after the EPC contract is signed
  • Project implementation
  • Technical examination of invoices
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