Why is EPC the right option for your building needs?

There are many benefits for building owners, operators and tenants alike:

  • Minimized or zero risk for building owners: All energy-saving measures are implemented by contractor and financed from the resulting savings. The contractor assumes all the risks, leaving no risk to the building owner.
  • Guaranteed energy savings: The contractor guarantees the achievement of the agreed level of savings and is obliged to compensate the building owner for any savings shortfalls (performance guarantee, see below).
  • Reduced energy and utility costs: The client can look forward to long-term reduction of energy consumption and other operational costs, as well as over 25 percent of savings in heating and electricity.
  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Turnkey service / single point of accountability: The contractor provides all services required to design and implement an energy savings project — from initial energy audit to measurement and verification of savings.
  • Improved comfort levels in your buildings: Better control of temperature and indoor air quality translates to improved occupant comfort, productivity and greater tenant satisfaction and retention.   
  • Build asset value: Building will increase in value and last longer. Positions the property to be more competitive in the market due to better management of operating costs, including potential insurance cost reductions.

Win-Win Situation

Energy efficiency will be optimized since the greater the amount of energy saved, the more contractors earn.

Energy cost reduction creates a favorable situation whereby the savings earned typically exceeds the loan payments over the term of the contract.

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