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What measures fall under the category "deep renovations"?
Deep renovation is not a strictly defined term or standard. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a British professional association of real estate professionals and real estate experts, defines this as an energy efficiency gain of 70 percent. Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency qualifies energy savings of at least 50 percent compared to the electricity and heat consumption values prior to renovation (refer to Annex 61) as deep renovation.

Is there a guide on how you can demonstrate the impact in CSA measures?
For the predecessor program "Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)", a guideline was developed. The IEE projects and the CSA measures are similar, so that guide is still applicable. The guidelines for the calculation of IEE Common Performance Indicators can be found here.

Do you have to respond to the ethical aspects of each project application? What would those aspects in CSA measure?
Yes, you should always address the ethical aspect in project application. If there is no ethical aspect, you should also mention this. Examples of ethical aspects that CSA measures include dealing with collected data and privacy, consent of participants in surveys, etc.

Is it possible to combine ELENA with H2020 SCC Lighthouse Project?
In principle, funding can be combined, provided that there is no double funding. However Lighthouse projects have a different focus than the projects supported by ELENA.

What is meant by the term "not readable" when describing the market in the report "Energy Efficiency - the First Fuel for the EU Economy"?
This means that the market for larger investors is too fragmented to apply standard procedures.

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